Formül has made great innovations and breakthroughs recently; one of them is moving to the new facility building in its own property located in Çerkezköy - Veliköy campus, which has a privileged location. Our highly modern facilities located in organized industrial zones are built entirely according to European standards.

All fittings molds have been re-modified and mold eye numbers have been increased. Formül has made huge investments in automation in the past two years. Metal fittings and valve groups are mounted on fully automatic machines.

It meets its metal supply needs from its own facility producing with fully automatic machines in Çerkezköy. Formül is one of the rare companies that produce their own metal needs.

Formül is one of the ambitious companies in PP-R, PVC pipes and fittings sector with its excellent product quality, wide product range and high production capacity.

One of the last two innovations of the Formül; It is the production of PE-RT pipes, which are used safely in heating installations and underfloor heating systems. PE-RT Pipes are extremely flexible and easy to install pipes made of heat resistant polyethylene with raised temperature resistance.